About Us

Fresh Florida Fisheries goal is to always lead within quality and food safety, fishery, production and distribution of fish and shell fish. We believe quality is about meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers, and quality management therefore plays a crucial part throughout our business and work processes. Fresh Florida Fisheries is passionate about delivering healthy, safe and aesthetically attractive fish.  To maintain our high standard we continue to focus and further develop in this area.  In order to meet fully the demands of customers and the legislative and regulatory requirements, Fresh Florida Fisheries promises to always:

  • make continuous improvements in the service offered to customers,
  • provide services and products at competitive prices, utilizing in the best way possible the human resources, equipment, know-how and activities of the company,
  • ensure the hygiene and safety of products, by implementing the Quality Management System
  • implement, review and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

Providing value to our customers is only achieved by providing safe, wholesome products that meet or exceed quality expectations while adhering to all regulatory and applicable third-party audited food safety standards.

About Our Owner

Fresh Florida Fisheries is owned by family and friends Ozziel Sanchez.  Ozziel, who is a third-generation fisherman. He grew up in a world of fishing. At the age of  he began cutting and cleaning fish. He helped his dad Lazaro Sanchez at his fish market Casablanca for many years before he was able to create his own Fish market.